lives / works in Berlin

    1971 born in Basel CH
    1992-97     Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Prof. Karl Kneidl, Prof. Klaus Rinke
    1997          Diplom Fine Arts and Meisterschüler with Kneidl
    1997-99     Assistenz Bühnen- und Kostümbild at Nationaltheater Mannheim
    2000-14    freelance stage- and costumedesigner at var. renowned
                     theaters s.a. Zürich, Frankfurt, Basel,Bochum,Wien with  
                     the directors Bergmann, Nimsz, Blattner, Dünnser, Langhoff 

                      ( selection )

    on view      Panal, Alfa Gallery, artsy ( 06.06. - 31.08..22 )



    2022          Abstraction in Action, Alfa Gallery, artsy

                      KunstOffen, Bündnerei Lehsten

                      Untitled Miami 2022, Alfa Gallery, artsy

                      1RWW - Domino, Galerie LOOCK, Berlin

    2021           Regionale 22, Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz

                      open-ended photography, Robert Morat Galerie, Berlin

                      V Group Show, Alfa Gallery, artsy

                      Booth 08, Alfa Gallery, artsy                 

    2020          Viewing Rooms, Alfa Gallery, artsy

                      i marmi, Primo Piano, Chiavari  

                      XS, Alfa Gallery, artsy

                      Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg Copenhagen

    2019          Ping Pong Basel, Basel ( during art Basel )

                      NI  LN  M, Soloshow, Volume Berlin 

                      Ping Pong Basel Miami ( during Art Basel Miami )

    2018          artist in residence in Basel, lyseloth

                      open studios Wiesenstrasse with the artist in residence of Wallis and


    2017          " " Cristiana de Marchi / Susanne Schwieter, Lange Reihe, Frankfurt a.M.

                      the In Betweens, Soloshow Botschaft, Uferhallen Berlin
    2016          Spring Exhibition, Kunsthall Charlottenborg Copenhagen
                           nomination for the international solo award
                      groupshow museo MAGMA, Villacidro und Milano
                      open studios Wiesenstrasse“, Berlin
     2015          Draft for a particular vision of the future, Bar Babette, Berlin
                      FELD_volume 3, Kunstraum Rotaprint Contemporary, Berlin
                      Catch of the Year, Dienstgebäude, Zürich
                      physical states, Institut für Raumforschung, Berlin


     2020 and 2018, artist in residency Basel ( Stiftung Habitat )


     VVOVVA, Mar 2022

     what becomes and what remains by Piera Ciuffarella, Sept 2020

     interview for neim gallery, by Renata Aivaras, Jan 2020

     Intimität, intimacy", Christiana de Marchi und Susanne Schwieter in 

     der Ausstellungsreihe " " by Angelica Horn, 2017